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To Top Plastic Surgeons. Thank you for the wonderful holiday and the great experience I had at your plastic surgery centre. I would like you to know I had a wonderful trip and I appreciate your exceptional skills and the great results you gave me for my tummy tuck. It is such a blessing to know that my large belly is finally gone! I am very happy with my surgery and have recommended you to all of my friends. I plan to return in 6 months for the breast lift I want to have. I appreciate the care you gave me and wonderful tummy tuck. I will see you soon.

L.C. Manchester, England

Hello doctor, I just wanted to thank you for the great outcome of my abdomen/waist liposuction, Brazilian butt lift and arm lift. The transformation from having too much fat in one place and not enough in another, gave me the perfect figure I wanted. I appreciate the help your staff gave me in planning my trip for the surgery. I love British Airways and the direct flight to San Jose, Costa Rica was absolutely fantastic. My new body looks wonderful and I am grateful that you were able to do all of the procedures in the same visit. You and your nurses did everything possible to make my surgery a wonderful experience, and I thank you very much. Now, with my trim and beautiful body, I feel better in my relationships as well as my job. I have attached a picture of myself so you can see the difference between what I looked like before, and now. Please give my regards to everyone there and thank you again for such a great new look!

M.R. Sheffield, England

Dear surgeons at Top Plastic Surgeons, I am pleased to say, 6 months later, that my face lift, neck lift and eyelid lift has healed and I am thrilled with my new look. I am sending you a picture of what I look like now for your files. As you can see in the photo, everything is refreshed and I look years younger. I feel like smiling more and my mood and disposition has gone from 25% to 100%. I want to thank everyone at top plastic surgeons for the wonderful care I received when I was there and for your remarkable surgery. I had a terrific plastic surgery holiday and my wife and I enjoyed the tours and sightseeing immensely. The cost of the surgery plus airfare and hotel was lower than the cost of the surgery alone here at home, so I couldn’t be more pleased. We will be back next year for Mary’s tummy tuck. Thank you, again, for all that you did.

A.T. Cardiff, Wales

Hello to all! I am writing with a note of thanks to let you know that the doctors there at Top Plastic Surgeons were absolutely wonderful. I wanted to have the very best breast lift with implants and arms liposuction possible, and at the lowest price, and your beautiful facilities and doctors were truly superb. For those thinking about having any type of plastic surgery, I want them to know that Top Plastic Surgeons is well-equipped and the doctors are very experienced and well qualified for anything needed. The surgeons answered all of my questions in full detail, and the size, shape, style and brand of implants as well as the breast lift itself was exactly what I wanted. I stayed at the Costa Rica Medial Centre Inn and it was wonderful. I had excellent post-surgery medical care from registered nurses and my whole experience was perfect. I would recommend to anyone to take the non-stop trip to Costa Rica, it was a true delight and a wonderful experience.

R.C. Leeds, England

Top notch plastic surgery, wonderful accommodations, and perfect new body! I am pleased to write that I had a total body makeover at Top Plastic Surgeons and the results are amazing. It has been a few months since I was there and everything has settled down just fine. I am very happy with my breasts, abdomen and thighs, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was not completely sure which procedures to have, but the doctors had a full discussion with me during the pre-surgery interview and everything became clear as to which way to proceed. I very much enjoyed the trip, the doctors, my stay there, and the whole experience. My thanks to all of you for the exceptional experience and makeover.

B.L. Newport, Wales

Hello Top Plastic Surgeons and Staff, I am now back home and I wanted to write right away to thank you for scheduling my surgery so quickly to fit my schedule. I am so very happy with my new appearance. The visit to your wonderful country was exceptional, and the low cost for my tummy tuck and thigh lift made the trip both economical and enjoyable. I stayed at the Costa Rica Medical Centre Inn where I received great care, and spent some extra time visiting the Poas Volcano National Park as well as going on a San Jose City Tour. What an amazing country and incredible visit this was. It was a top notch adventure and I saved a great deal of money compared to the prices here. I will be returning for more work within the next few months and I look forward to seeing all of you and more of Costa Rica. Thank you again.

T.L. London, England

Greetings to Top Plastic Surgeons! And also to the Costa Rica Medical Centre Inn staff! I am sending this to both of you to thank you for all that you did during my surgery and stay in Costa Rica! Everything went flawlessly and I returned home with a perfect hair transplant and eyelid lift. The price was even more amazing, thank you, thank you. I want everyone thinking of having plastic surgery to know that your surgery center is truly state-of-the-art and the doctors were very experienced and took a great deal of time with me to answer all of my questions. Thank you for a wonderful visit and exceptional surgery. I look forward to returning in the future.

W.A. Dundee, Scotland

Dear Top Plastic Surgeons, this note is to send my thanks to everyone there for the wonderful tummy tuck with all-around liposuction I needed. I am very pleased with my new trimmer look. My trip to San Jose was a total wonderful experience. I saved a lot of money compared to the cost here and at the same time I got to see Costa Rica! I enjoyed the food, the customs, the incredible attractions and the wonderful ambiance of truly terrific people. My best regards and best wishes to all. See you soon for another procedure, this time- a face lift. Enjoy the summer!

D.F. Belfast, Northern Ireland